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Aqueon Betta Bowl Kit - .5 gal. - Blue

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Beginning aquarists should look no further for the perfect starter fish bowl. The Aqueon Betta Bowl Kit includes everything you need to step into the world of fish keeping, just add fish and water. Easy to use, it’s ideal for children and adults. Takes up minimal space so you can display it almost anywhere.

Durable plastic construction ensures a safe home for your scaly friend. Optional divider allows two bettas to be kept in the same tank, promoting flaring and flaunting. Feed your betta without removing the lid with the easy open feeder door.

  • .5 Gallon Aquarium and Lid With Feeding Door
  • Aqueon Betta Food and Betta Bowl Plus Samples
  • Divider for Two Betta in One Aquarium
  • Decorative Plant and Gravel
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    Works Well, and We Enjoy it!


    I purchase one over a year ago since then my children have added more betas to the family. So I purchased two more. Living in an apartment we can't have any pets, so these fishes have cure the emptiness in my children. I clean the bowls weekly and treat the water. I only used purified water and marbles for gravel. So far no fish has died from living in these tanks. Their very happy, making bubble nest. My fishes i purchase came from petco, the baby section. So we have cared for them since they were 1/2 inch to give you a size. The tank works great for it's purpose and i would recommend to any family that doesn't have the luxury of an over size tank to place in there home.

    Only an incompetent owner would buy this


    Entirely too small. Recommended tank size for a single betta is 5 gallons and up, not .5 gallon. Really sad that this is being sold in a reputable pet shop.



    my bata just loves his home!! i just did not put the devier. so he has more room. he loves it!!!! i highly racamend this :). my bata does to


    <br>its works well for gold fish to :)