Aqueon OptiBright LED Light Fixture - 18 in. to 24 in.

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Manufacturer: Aqueon
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OptiBright LED Fixture is so slim and subdued, if it wasn't for the illuminating glow, you might not know it was there! Designed for use on both fresh and salt water aquariums, the fixture utilizes LED technology to provide broad spectrum lighting! Great for bringing out the bright natural colors of your fish, it also helps accelerate the growth of desirable algaes on live rock!

Includes two individual switches, allowing you to run White/Red and Blue LEDs together or independently, allowing you to create dynamic day time light or overnight moonlighting! Adjustable mounting legs extend from 18-24 inches.

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Optibright works well for betta aquarium with low-light plants


I replaced a fluorescent T8 light with this Optibright 18-inch fixture a couple of weeks ago, and the upgrade has been well worth it. It's lighting a 10-gallon aquarium with a betta and low-light plants (anubias, java fern, and crypt), and it's shaping up to be an ideal fixture for this application. The light's visual intensity is on the low side on this size of tank, which is what I wanted for my betta. But it's brightness and spectrum show everything in the aquarium with good detail and vibrant color. My betta is more iridescent under this light. The plants are responding well. Within a couple of days, an anubias that had one leaf for quite a while sprouted two new leaves. I'm happy with this fixture.