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Aqueon Pro Heater 100 - 100W - Up to 30 gal.

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Do your glass heaters keep on breaking due to aggressive fish? Try Aqueon's new Pro Heaters! Durable polymer exterior with aluminum core is shatterproof. No glass components. Will withstand any abuse your fish can dish out. Electronic thermostat for accurate temperature control to +/- 1 degree F. Auto shut-off when run dry. Restarts automatically when submerged. Fully submersible. Includes suction cups and 6 ft. cord. Indicator light turns red for heating and green for when the temp is set.

Up to 30 gallon aquariums
Length9.5 in.
Temperature Range68 to 88 degrees F.

Step 1: Attach suction cups to heater. Attaching both suction cups will ensure proper positioning in your aquarium and will allow adequate water circulation around the heater for even heat distribution. Suction cups should only be placed over label portion of the heater. Note: Do not place suction cups over the heating element portion of the heater.

Step 2: Set heater temperature. In order to set the temperature, turn the adjustent knob to the required temperature value stated on the graduated scale, located on the top of the heater.

Step 3: Install heater in water filled aquarium. The heater works best when installed in the vertical position. The installation of the heater in this position requires that the aquarium must maintain a level above the minimum water level line on the heater. The heater can be installed in the horizontal position. The installation of the heater in this position requires that it be fully submerged at all times.

Step 4: Plug into electrical outlet. Allow for heater to be submerged in water for a minimum of 30 minutes prior to powering the appliance. Once plugged in, the heater will automatically start working. Should your water need heat, the indicator lamp will illuminate showing that the heater is functioning and in heating mode.

Step 5: Allow the heater to run for 24 hours at the original setting prior to adjusting. Check the aquarium water with a reliable thermometer. Should the heater need adjusted, simply turn the adjustment knob to the appropriate setting.

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Freindly design


No worries of broken glass, thermostat is accurate , cord is long and heater can be used horizontal in your sump, what is there not to like ?

Great design


Awesome heater. No need to worry about glass breakage. The temperature knob is really easy to adjust, unlike some others. Red light means heating. Green light means temperature reached.

LOVE this heater! :)


FINALLY! A good solution to my large angelfish that go through one glass heater after another.. a plastic shatterproof heater.. I have used aqueons products before and always had great luck with them! fish don't get burned by this heater and neither do i! heats the tank faster and more efficient then standard glass heaters that just don't last.