Aqueon Pro Herbivore Pellet - 4.09 Oz

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Grouping fish by type and assuming they eat the same food deprives many species of proper nutrition. Aqueon PRO foods take a different approach. Looking at what fish naturally eat is the focus of each new formula. The new Wellplex, a proprietary blend of macro and micro algae as well as Vitamin C and Vitamin E, supports the fish’s immune system more holistically. Everyone wants their fish to be happy and healthy. Aqueon PRO foods are high quality, formulated with ingredients designed by leading fish nutritionists and focused on the natural diet of the fish.

Ideal for those fish whose natural diet is primarily plants and algae, this formula is completely fish meal free. Herbivorous fish have a longer digestive system designed specifically for plant matter. With a variety of quality plants and algae, this formula includes probiotic ingredients which help with digestive complications that result from lower quality foods.

100% Fish Meal Free
Variety of plant nutrients
Contains probiotic ingredients for supported digestion
Developed by leading fish nutritionists
Includes Wellplex - a proprietary blend of macro and micro algaes as well as Vitamin C and Vitamin E
Ideal for Silver Dollars, Tinfoil Barbs, Severums, Mollies, Lake Malawi Rock Dwelling African Cichlids (P. zebra, M. auratus, P. socolofi, M. johanni) Redtail & Rainbow Sharks, Kissing Gouramis, Buenos Aires Tetras, Florida Flag Fish


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