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Anglers and Frogfish


Indo-Pacific & Caribbean

Tank Temperature




Specific Gravity



Carnivorous; may not take frozen food right away; may need to be fed live foods, like shrimp, mollies or other crustaceans; feed 2-3 times a week


Ambush predator; hides in rockwork until potential prey approaches; will eat tankmates up to their own size; does not move much, tends to hover or "walk" instead of swimming actively


Reef Safe; not Invert Safe (won't harm corals and stationary inverts like feather dusters but may eat smaller shrimp, crabs, and other crustaceans); can be kept with other fish that are larger; do not keep with aggressive fish.

Species Overview

Anglers & Frogfish are bizarre and interesting reef compatible fish. These ambush predators come in a variety of colors and patterns that allow them to blend perfectly into their reef environment.

They also have a fleshy, specialized appendage (the esca) that extends from the front portion of the dorsal fin. This appendage can be moved and bobbed to lure unsuspecting prey close enough to be gulped down. Frogfish have jaws made of thin and flexible bones that allow them to swallow large prey, and large expandable stomachs. These adaptations make it possible for them to swallow and digest prey as big as their own body!

Anglers & Frogfish can grow to be as large as 8 inches depending on the species. The largest species are the Giant Frogfish (Antennarius commersoni), the Shaggy Anglerfish (A. hispidus), and the Patterned Anglerfish (Antennarius sp.). Smaller species, such as the Warty Anglerfish (A. maculatus) only grow to be about 4 inches long.

We always suggest that you do further research before adding a new pet to your tank. What we have provided for you are guidelines and suggestions. If you have any further questions or concerns, please contact our fish room at 717-299-5691 ext. 1213 or

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