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Indo-Pacific, coastal Atlantic

Tank Temperature




Specific Gravity



Feed marine flakes, pellets, & meaty frozen foods.


Generally peaceful, may become territorial. Not compatible with other basslets.


Community and Reef Safe, with caution (may prey on some small crustaceans); Suggested tankmates: Pygmy Angels, Anthias, Batfish, Boxfish, Cardinals, Chromis, Clownfish, Dartfish, Dragonets, Filefish, Foxface/Rabbitfish, Gobies, Jawfish, Hawkfish, Tangs/Surgeons, Wrasses, Corals, and invertebrates.

Species Overview

Basses and basslets vary in appearance and size, but are similar in care and relative temperament. While many species come from shallow reefs, others are found in much deeper waters. Deeper water species are often colored some variation of red, yellow, and/or orange. These fish are reef safe, spending much of their time perching in, on, and around rockwork and caves.

Though maximum sizes vary by species, this behavior remains consistent. These basses are territorial and will remain close to their "home" rock, cave or ledge, venturing out for food and to defend their space. They are safe with most fish and invertebrates, as long as they too large to be eaten (small ornamental crustaceans are generally not safe). They will not bother hard or soft corals.

Basses and basslets need a varied meaty diet. Some may accept prepared foods like flakes, pellets and frozen formulas, but they may also be given frozen and fresh foods as well like brine shrimp, scallop, clam, mysis and similar items. In an established aquarium they will often graze on copepods, amphipods and similar inverts they find in live rock and substrate. More timid species may need to be target fed as they may be intimidated by larger tankmates.

We always suggest that you do further research before adding a new pet to your tank. What we have provided for you are guidelines and suggestions. If you have any further questions or concerns, please contact our fish room at 717-299-5691 ext. 1213 or

Recommended Items

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Coral Ornaments
Frozen Aquarium Food
Feeding Tongs