BREED PROFILE – Abyssinian

For owners who want a more “wild” looking cat, the Abyssinian (or “Aby”) may be the breed they've been searching for. This short-haired cat resembles pictures of ancient Egyptian cats drawn on the tombs of pharaohs. Its true origin is unknown, but it was originally imported in the 1800's from Abyssinia, the area now known as Ethiopia. Their fine bone structure, lean muscles, and wide eyes and ears give them a slightly feral look like that of their more ancient ancestors.

This is a smaller breed of cat with fine, soft hair. The coat is usually a brown color with a ticked pattern, but many variations on the usual color and pattern exist among breeders. The wide, slightly-slanted eyes are often green or amber. Abbies are very energetic and intelligent cats. They love hunting and having the freedom to roam about, and will often try to “help” their owners as much as they can. This is definitely not a lap cat, and they will get bored easily without activity to keep them stimulated.

Abyssinians are an excellent breed with a different look from the norm. If you are looking for an active, loyal companion and have the room and time to devote to it, look no further. The favorite cat of the Pharaohs will quickly become a favorite of yours as well.