American Shorthair

BREED PROFILE – American Shorthair

One of the hardiest and hardest working cats in American history is our own American shorthair. There is evidence that the first ships to bring settlers to the United States, including the Mayflower, brought cats with them to protect the valuable stores of grains and food in the hold of the ships. These domestic cats were sold across the country as mouse hunters since then until they were most selectively bred for appearances as rodents became less of a problem.

The breed name of American Shorthair refers only to those cats whose parentage can be confirmed as a purebred cat. Any other shorthaired cat of unknown parentage is referred to as a domestic shorthair. The American Shorthairs are an exceptionally hardy breed that rarely show any typical health conditions with the exception of weight problems. They can overeat and become obese, so diet should be carefully monitored and ample opportunities for exercise and play should be given often. They adapt well to children and other animals, especially when introduced at a young age, and have a pleasant and friendly disposition. This breed reaches a moderate size, usually around 10 to 15 pounds, and can live up to twenty years.

This quintessentially American cat shows all of those traits that we admire in an American citizen – loyalty, affection, hard-working and faithful. It is a breed as old as our country and is a classic in the cat trade. Look no further than an American Shorthair for a new addition to your family.