The Birman cat is another breed shrouded in mystery. Its true origin is unknown, though most believe the breed to have come out of Burma where they are worshiped by Kittah priests. A pair of French men brought two cats - a male who did not survive the trip and a pregnant female - to France in the early 20th Century where it was recognized as a breed by 1925.

The basic coloration of Birman cats are shared by other breeds from the Asiatic region - color points on the face, tail, legs, and ears. Variations in this coloration and pattern are now available but all Birman cats have wide, almost completely round blue eyes and pure white feet. Their long hair does not mat or easily shed like other long-haired breeds and an occasional brushing is all that is needed to keep the coat groomed. Males of this breed will usually reach 8 to 12 pounds, while females will stay slightly smaller. Birmans are not typically subject to any particular medical conditions and are an overall very hardy breed.

This breed is very people-orientated. They will usually change their own schedule to fit yours and will be waiting by the door for you to get home. They love being involved in your activities and will try to help and play in their own way. While they may not be as active as Siamese or Oriental cats, they are more active than their closely related Persian relatives.

Birman cats are an easy breed to care for and will return the love and affection given to them with a friendly and sweet demeanor. They love to be involved in your life and will do their best to make that happen. This long-haired breed is ideal for someone looking for an attractive and loyal companion for years to come.