Cats in many different cultures are reported to be the descendants of royal pets and the objects of temple worship - the Burmese breed is no exception. Ancestors of this breed in Thailand and Burma were believed to have been kept in the households of royalty and young monks were assigned to see to the every need of temple cats. Modern-day Burmese cats seem to remember this long-ago status and want to be worshiped every bit as much as their ancestors.

These sleek cats have a compact body and long straight tail. The short coat does not require much grooming but extra attention can be spent if necessary and can provide extra bonding time with your cat. The coat can be found in ten color patterns, but all are based upon the primary four – sable, champagne, blue, and platinum. Although Burmese make excellent lap cats, especially the more mellow males, they are usually active and lively through adulthood. They are friendly and smart and will usually explore their surrounding and try new things. The breed is good with children, accepts dogs, and if trained young, will enjoy traveling.

Whether you'd like a family pet, loving companion, or feline idol to worship and serve, the Burmese breed is ideal. They love attention and will return the attention given to them with love and affection. This handsome breed will be a welcome addition to any home, from palace or temple to simple family dwelling.