You may be asking “Exotic what?” at this point. Strangely enough, the full name of this breed is Exotic. This may be the perfect breed for people who see pictures or paintings of the beautiful Persian cats with their adorably flattened faces and long hair but can't commit to the time and effort needed to groom Persian cats. The Exotic breed is bred to the Persian standard but instead of the Persian's long hair, the Exotic coat is thick, dense, plush, and short.

Exotics have been labeled by some as the 'lazy man's Persian'. They share the sweet and affectionate nature of their long-haired cousins but the short coat will not mat or tangle and requires far less maintenance. However, they are still prone to heat stroke like the Persians. This breed is very playful and may chase a toy for hours or just use their large expressive eyes to beg for attention. Males of this breed tend to be more affectionate than the more reserved females but both will often stay playful even as adults. Exotics will not usually share your bed as they tend to prefer coolor sleeping areas like a tile floor or cool brick hearth.

If you considered Persians but were wary of the maintenance they require, check into Exotics near you. They show every bit of the love and affection without the hassle of constant grooming. They are truly the best of both worlds.