Scottish Fold

BREED PROFILE – Scottish Fold

Combine the appeal of your favorite shorthair cat with the adorable appearance of a teddy bear and you'd have the Scottish Fold breed. Arguably one of the most unique and sought after breeds available today, this adorable cat will be a welcome and beloved member of your family.

The Scottish Fold breed was started in 1961 when a Scottish farmer bred his white cat with folded ears to produce several of the first litters. Since then, mainly American breeders have crossed cats with the genetic folded-ear trait with British and American Shorthair cats. The kittens are born with straight ears and the ears fold – or don't fold in some cases – by the end of the first month. Although Scottish Folds with straight ears aren't as desired in the trade, they are still valuable to breeding programs.

This breed comes in a variety of colors and patterns as widespread as the shorthairs they have been bred with and an eye color that corresponds nicely with the coat. The eyes are round and wide-set, and ears are ideally folded down and forward. Scottish Folds are a medium size cat with short legs that will reach an average of six to twelve pounds. Regular brushing is all that is usually required to keep either the longhair or shorthair variety of the Scottish Fold groomed, although the folded ears need to be checked frequently to avoid infections. Scottish Folds bred from two folded-ear parents can inherit a genetic joint defect. There is no cure but the condition is treatable and most breeders do not breed folded-ear parents to avoid the condition.

Scottish Folds adapt to most households, whether it is a small apartment or large house full of children. As long as they get attention so they don't get lonely, they are happy and content with whatever affection they are given. Waiting lists for a Scottish fold can sometimes be several months or more in length, but the wait will pay off if you decide this charming breed is the one for you.