Siamese cats are one the oldest and most recognizable domestic breeds available today. Records of this cat have been found as far as 500 years ago when these cats were important as castle or temple companions to Buddhist monks or Siamese Royalty. King Chulalongkorn, the son of “The King & I”'s King Mongkut, gave a pair of Siamese cats to an English ambassador in the late 19th Century and the breed soon reached the western market commanding a high $1,000 price in the United States by the early 20th Century.

This iconic breed is defined by its fine bone structure, lean muscled body and long thin tail. The classic appearance of the Siamese is a cream body with dark brown feet, tail, ears, and face with light blue eyes. Five kinds of Siamese cats exist based on different colors of the extremities. The color of the fur can be preserved by only brushing the short, glossy coat no more than once a week and often less in the winter months.

The personality of this breed is unforgettable. They are true attention-seekers and love to “help” with whatever their owner might be doing and climb on your bed, table or lap whenever they can. These cats love to talk and will vocalize loudly with or without a response. Some cats have even been known to paw at an owner's mouth to get an answer from them. They prefer to only be around one or two people at a time and are best with owners who can give them all the attention they would like.

Siamese cats are not for owners who would like a family pet for rowdy children but would love owners who can shower them with attention. They are an investment in time and affection and will return all the companionship given to them with love and devotion for years to come.