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Fairy & Flasher Wrasses



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Omnivorous; will accept most foods once acclimated; flakes, pellets, frozen, and fresh foods; copepods, brine shrimp, and mysis shrimp; diet should be varied and include vitamin supplements; feed at least once a day.


Generally peaceful as long as they have plenty of open space and hiding places; jumpers! have tight fitting lid on tank; provide rock work and open swimming space.


Community, Invert, and Coral Safe; do not keep more than one male; females should all be introduced at the same time. Do not keep with larger or more aggressive fish such as Groupers, larger Dottybacks, larger Angelfishes, Scorpionfish/Lionfish, Triggerfish and Pufferfish.

Species Overview

There are more than 20 types of Fairy and Flasher Wrasses that are seen in the aquarium trade. These small, ornately colored wrasses have become increasingly popular since they are peaceful and reef safe.

Most of these wrasses are sexually dichromatic, which means that males and females have distinct coloration, so it's easy to distinguish between males and females. Be aware, however, that females may change to males depending on the certain factors. You may see these fish offered in -transitional- color phases as they mature or as they go through these sexual transformations.

When you first add a Fairy or Flasher Wrasse to your tank, they are very likely to hide among the rockwork and may refuse to eat until they are comfortable in their new environment. If your wrasse is being stressed by its surroundings, it may never adjust to captive living, so it's important to minimize stressful activity. Make sure tankmates are not intimidating or harassing your fairy wrasse, and keep maintenance as undisruptive as possible. It is also very important that you have a full cover on top of the tank to prevent these fish from jumping out.

These are social fish, best kept in a harem consisting of one male and several females. Unless you have a large tank (135 gallons or larger), it is risky, and not recommended, to place two males in an aquarium together. In order to avoid fighting between individuals, it is important to introduce them simultaneously or to add the females first, and then shortly after add the more aggressive male.

If kept in the proper environment, a Fairy or Flasher Wrasse can be an extraordinary fish to keep. These fish feed on zooplankton, and are great fish for reef aquaria. The only invertebrates they may bother are small, delicate shrimp, like the anemone shrimp (Periclimenes sp.) or Sexy Shrimp (Thor sp.).

We always suggest that you do further research before adding a new pet to your tank. What we have provided for you are guidelines and suggestions. If you have any further questions or concerns, please contact our fish room at 717-299-5691 ext. 1213 or

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