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Frozen Feeders Thawing Guide

Frozen feeders are a great option for pet owners who are unable to buy live feeders on a weekly basis or do not like the idea of feeding a live animal to their pet. When using frozen feeders, it is important to follow these steps to keep your pet happy and healthy. The guide below may be applied for thawing mice, rats, chicks or most other frozen prey items. 

Step 1

Fill a designated container with warm water from the faucet. Do not use boiling water.

Step 2

Remove the feeder from the plastic bag and place it directly into the water to thaw. The extra moisture gained while thawing will provide hydration to your animal.


Step 3

After 10 to 15 minutes, check if the feeder is thawed by squeezing it gently in the abdomen. If you feel any cool spots, repeat step 1.


Step 4

Some animals will readily accept frozen-thawed feeders simply placed in their enclosure while others may require “tease feeding”. Using tongs or hemostats, pick the feeder up by the scruff of the neck and “dance” it around the animal that is being fed. This will simulate the movements of a live feeder. Always exercise caution when feeding; a hungry animal can easily mistake your hand for their food.


Important Tips

DO NOT re-freeze previously thawed feeders. DO NOT use a microwave to thaw frozen feeders, this creates hot spots in the food item which can be dangerous. If you have any questions, please call our reptile room at 717-299-5691 ex. 1246