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Tank Temperature:




Tank Requirements:

Requires excellent filtration & weekly water changes (10-15%).


Omnivorous; needs large amounts of vegetable matter; feed once daily; be careful not to over feed as it is bad for their health and contributes to poor water quality.


Docile, usually slow-moving. Some varieties can be vulnerable to buoyancy-related conditions. Produces high levels of waste that can affect water quality.


Community Safe; best kept with other goldfish because goldfish create more waste than other fish, and most tropical fish cannot handle high levels of ammonia that result.

Species Overview

Goldfish are actually selectively bred Asian Carp, Carassius auratus. Different variations and fancy body types were developed in China and were perfected over the course of a few hundred years into the interesting and popular fish you see in aquariums today. Goldfish can be easy to care for, and given proper care and a healthy environment, some goldfish will live for more than 50 years!

One of the most important things to do to keep your goldfish healthy is to provide them with plenty of clean, cool water. Bowls and small aquariums are not suitable environments for these fish. They need plenty of space to swim and develop properly. Goldfish produce an exceptionally high amount of waste, so regular water changes of 10-15 percent weekly and quality filtration system are necessary. Keep the temperature on the cool side, lower than 75 degrees and ideally between 65-68°F.

Goldfish are primarily herbivores, so provide them with a varied plant-based and lower protein diet. Many goldfish foods are available on the market today, formulated specifically for the needs of these fish. Treats like a slice of fresh cucumber or a bunch of anacharis will also be appreciated. Goldfish have large appetites, but be careful not to overfeed them. Overfeeding will cause a decline in water quality and in the health of your pet. It is best to house goldfish with other goldfish only.

We always suggest that you do further research before adding a new pet to your tank. What we have provided for you are guidelines and suggestions. If you have any further questions or concerns, please contact our fish room at 717-299-5691 ext. 1213 or

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