How to Get Rid of Algae

Algae: The Arch Enemy Of Aquaria

Algae is the most common problem amongst all aquarists. This pesky menace can come in all forms and colors, from green to red, coarse to slimy. To rid your tank of this nutrient-stealing pest, you must first discover the cause. There are a few reasons algae can become an over-growing mess, and the successful solution to that mess depends greatly upon the cause.

Four Common Causes For Excessive Algae Growth*:

Too much Direct Sunlight:

If your tank is located near a window, chances are the light from the daytime sun is the perfect intensity for growing algae. It is best to keep tanks away from direct sunlight of any kind. Direct sunlight is too much light for your tank and will only cause excessive algae growth.

Your Lighting Period:

How long do you keep your aquarium lights on? Ideally, your lights should not be on more than 8-10 hours a day, less if possible! Leaving your lights on all day is just an invitation for algae growth.

Improper Lighting Spectrum:

How powerful are your bulbs? If you have coral or live plants, you may need stronger lighting. If you don't have either of these, you can use less lighting. Be sure you only use what you need- any extra-intense lighting will spur algae growth!

High Nitrate, Phosphate, or Silicate levels:

These are natural chemicals in your water. When present in normal amounts, they are generally harmless and actually help plants grow. When these levels become higher than normal, (from overfeeding, too many fish, phosphate/nitrate in your tap water or silica in salt mix, etc) algae will take advantage! Algae will thrive in high levels of these chemicals! Keep those levels low with water changes and special filtration media. See our assortment of media that will help battle every type of algae you may encounter.

*Know your Algae! To defeat your algae problem, it is best to know exactly what you are dealing with. Some algae respond differently to various methods of removal and prevention. Once you know what you have on your hands, you can choose the most effective method to eradicate it!

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