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An Intro to Coral Fragging

Have you started “fragging” yet? Coral “frags” are small pieces (fragments) of corals & are a way to propagate corals to help reduce the impact on natural coral reefs. It can also be an affordable & fun way to add variety to your saltwater reef aquarium!

Where Do Frags Come From?

Most frags are artificially made by aquarists. Depending on the type of coral, they may be cut from the parent colony using a razor, shears or even fishing line for soft corals, or heavier equipment like stainless steel cutters, dremels or diamond-blade saws for hard corals.

What Corals Can Be Fragged?

Most of them! There are some corals that are much easier to frag than others, & there are some whose structure & biology make it almost impossible to frag. Fast-growing matting, plating or branching corals are usually the best to frag.

What is a Frag Swap?

Frag Swaps are a growing trend among aquarist clubs & communities. Just like a swap meet or flea markets for used goods, a Frag Swap is where aquarists meet to buy, sell & trade frags propagated in their home tanks.

How To Add Frags To Your Tank

Frags are often attached to artificial bases & plugs using cyanoacrylate glues, epoxy, or aquarium cements. When adding the frag to your tank, you can decide if you would like to keep the frag on this base or remove it & attach the coral directly to your rockwork. Since many corals expand & contract or may be moved by the flow in your tank, you may need to affix the frag in place.

Are you ready to start fragging or adding some frags to your tank?
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