Pond Fountains


ThatFishPlace.com offers an extensive selection of pond fountains. Whether your looking to add a compete pond fountain and filter kit to your pond, looking for barrel pond fountain system, or simply looking for a new fountain head for your existing pond fountain system, you are sure to find it here. The information below provides an overview of pond fountains, benefits and applications to help make choosing and operating your pond fountain as easy as possible.

Why A Fountain?

Pond Fountains are an excellent choice for backyard landscaping or for your backyard pond for several reasons. The most obvious reason is the simple aesthetics and soothing qualities of running water in your backyard. The simple sound of a pond fountain can add that finishing touch to your landscape. Pond fountains are also excellent for your pond fish; especially koi. A well-placed pond fountain can aid in pond water circulation and aeration: two things critical to pond fish and plant growth and health. The simple movement of water created by a pond fountain significantly increases the amount of dissolved oxygen in your pond's system, allowing you to potentially support higher fish loads and making the fish you do have healthier. The increased flow and water movement also allows valuable pond nutrients to reach your hungry pond plants; and not-so-desirable pond wastes to make their way into your pond filter easier.

That Fish Place offers pond fountains for most backyard pond or water garden installations. With our selection of fountains and pond supplies, you'll be sure to find exactly what you need for your pond.

Installation Tips

Pond Fountains can add a beautiful touch to your backyard landscape, but there are some important considerations to address before installing one. If you are planning on applying your pond fountain to a koi pond or planted water garden, a good pre-filter system should also be applied. Without an effective pre-filter on your pond pump's intake, pond fountains may clog more quickly, requiring more frequent routine maintenance. It is also imperative to choose the right fountain head to fit your pond's layout. Though a large 3-tier design may look beautiful, the diameter needed to apply it may be too great for your pond to handle. The larger the fountain, the more space you will need to protect yourself from splashing and strong winds. Splashing and wind blown water from an oversized pond fountain can quickly lower the water level in your pond.