Sage Hounds Meet & Greet

Saturday, March 30th | 11am - 3pmSaturday, July 27th | 11am - 3pm
Saturday, May 25th | 11am - 3pmSaturday, September 28th | 11am - 3pm
Saturday, June 29th | 11am - 3pmSaturday, October 12th | 11am - 3pm

That Fish Place - That Pet Place is excited to welcome SAGE Hounds for a friendly Meet and Greet!

Save A Galgo Español (SAGE) is a small Non Profit based in South Central Pennsylvania and was founded in 2011 to raise awareness and make a difference in the lives of the Galgo Español, a sighthound breed, used for hunting hare in its country of origin, Spain.

Their main goal is to educate people about the situation of the Galgo Español through seminars, meet and greet events, and through use of social media. They also support local shelters in Spain through fundraising.

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