Small Pet

Caring for Small Pet Teeth

Did you know that animals like rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters, gerbils, and rats have teeth that will constantly grow?

Unlike our teeth, their front teeth will grow and grow for their entire life! Rabbits have the ability to grind their own teeth down to a normal size, but your smaller friends may need a little help!

All The Better To Nibble With

Think about your pet’s diet. Hard seeds and crunchy vegetables. Your pet better have strong, sharp teeth to handle those kinds of foods, right? Luckily, your pet does have the perfect teeth for his diet! His teeth will be constantly sharp and ready for dinner time.

They Just Keep Growing and Growing

If you don’t provide your pet with some gnawing teeth exercises, believe it or not, his teeth will grow straight through his jaw! Ouch! In the wild, your pet would be busy using his teeth to dig out a burrow or excavate a tree branch from his living area- good ways to keep those pearly whites under control. In captivity, you’ll have to provide your pet with some sort of “chew-toys” to keep their teeth in check.

Choosing a Chew

Does your pet need something to chomp? There are many different types of chews to choose! You could use old paper towel rolls- many animals love to shred cardboard. Also, a wooden chew item would be a good idea to make sure your pet has something harder to gnaw on and really work his teeth down. Wooden fruity-flavored sticks or fun shapes are also favorites! You may find your pet even gnaws a bit on its hideaway or water bottle-which might cause a leak!

Make sure your small pet has some chewable items available, for the health of their teeth!