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7/19/2019 11:57 am
Saturday, August 17th | 12:00pm - 4:00pm

CANCELLED! Sorry for any inconvenience! 

We're SUPER excited to offer a REMOTE Veterinary Clinic (for dogs ONLY) by pairing up with Adamstown Veterinary Hospital. Located RIGHT here IN STORE

What is a "remote veterinary clinic" you ask?.........It is an affordable option to ensure the health of your pet while still focusing on the what matters most--complete veterinary exams! We will be offering various package deals that include vaccines along with complete exams by Dr. Alyssa Savage! 
*A portion of the proceeds will be donated toDoberman Pinscher Rescue of PA, Inc.*

Bundles are as follow....
1: $59.50 Exam w/ rabies
2: $79.50 Exam w/ rabies and dhpp (aka distemper)

Looking for a little extra? are ADD-ONs that will also be available to you and your pup!
--Wellness bloodwork (CBC, chemistry, snap4dx and fecal) $99.00
--Leptospirosis vaccine $26
--Canine Influenza Vaccine $29.50 
--Lyme vaccine $32.50
--Fecal $35.00 that can be mailed in if you don't have a sample available!

**please note the above vaccines will require a follow up booster if your dog has never had it before. The price includes a waiver for a follow up visit at Adamstown Veterinary Hospital to acquire the vaccine but does not include the cost of the additional vaccine booster**

Pre-registration is REQUIRED! Please follow the link below to sign up for an appointment time! 

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