Power Aquarium Filter Basics

Power Filters are the most widely used filter type in the aquarium hobby. Power filters are easy to use, easy to maintain, and are available for the most popular sizes of aquariums.

Power Aquarium Filters are probably the easiest, and most popular, form of aquarium filter in use today. Power filters are very easy to assemble, and typically only take a few minutes to unpack and get ready to use. Also known as “hang on the back� filters, Power filters sit on the edge or frame of the aquarium and circulate water from the aquarium, through a filtration system, and back to the aquarium. Power filters are available in a wide range of sizes, and available for aquariums up to 110 gallons.

Many types of Power Filters are available, from simple units that provide mechanical and carbon filtration, to more advanced models that have additional biological and chemical filtration ability. Easy maintenance is the most attractive feature of power filters, most all power filters work with a replaceable filter cartridge system, which makes maintenance quick and easy. Power filter replacement parts are available for most models, so they will last for many years with some routine maintenance.

Because they sit on the edge of the aquarium, power filters are easily seen, and require the aquarium to sit farther away from the wall than some other filters. Some Power Filters use an external motor design, which can produce more noise vs. models with internal motor designs or other filter types.

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