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What To Do If You Find Kittens in Your Yard

1). Look for Mom!
There are realistic scenarios where Mom could have abandoned her kittens – unable to care for them, lost, or was somehow injured. However, step one is to make sure Mom has truly abandoned the kittens in your yard. The general rule is to watch for 3 hours and see if Mom returns. No one is better at caring for hungry kittens than Mom is! Once Mom is located, keep it in the back of your mind to reach out to a local rescue or shelter for options on neuter programs and possible trap-and-release to help stop kitten season in your backyard year after year.

2). Will the Local Rescue Take Them?
We would always encourage you to reach out to your local rescue or shelter to see if they are able to take in Mom and the kittens. However, keep in mind that most rescues are overrun with kittens during this season and are simply unable to take in any more. One alternative is to offer instead to foster the kittens for your local rescue or shelter until they are ready to be adopted. In many cases, rescues and shelters will cover all of the costs, and you get your ‘kitten fix’ while saving little lives.

3). What if I Want to Keep One?
Cats make wonderful pets! Like any pet, you’d want to make sure you can provide a healthy, happy home for the duration of their lives – which can be from 15-20 years for some cats. Check out our article to see if you’re ready to welcome a cat home.

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