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Chemi-Pure Aquarium Filter Media - 10 oz. - 6 pk.

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Chemi-Pure is an excellent chemical filtration media that removes dissolved impurities, odors and dicolorations. In addition, it removes toxic heavy metals and keeps aquarium water crystal clear. Simple to use, it comes in it's own nylon bag. Helps keep your aquarium healthy by stabilizing pH and removing harmful ammonia and nitrate. Great for many applications, including power filters, canister filters, and wet/dry filters & sumps. Comprised of a mixture of activated carbon and ion exchange resins, Chemi-Pure can last up to six times as long as standard carbon.

One 10 oz. jar treats 5 to 40 gallons.


Boyd Enterprises
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Carbon, resin.


Keep Chemi-Pure package sealed until ready for use. Do not remove resin from bag. Rinse lightly and place bag in filter and flatten out as much as possible.

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Great Deal


I have been buying the 10 oz size for years and as the price increases ... we had no options until this multi-package became available ... Great Job you folks!