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Comfy Perch - Medium - 32 in.

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Your bird will love the new shapes, bright colors and feel of the Booda Comfy Perch. It is bird breeder recommended to provide the different perching surfaces and levels birds need in their environment along with color enrichment. It helps relieve cage stress, boredom and related feather picking. Comfy Perch allows you to have fun creating different types of perches for your birds. Depending on the length of the cable, you can create loops, curves and other interesting shapes. The perch is hand washable.
32" x 3/4"
Length32 in.
Diameter.75 in.
Bird CompatibilitySmall Hookbills
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Comfy Perch


These are my birds favorite perchs.. So comfortable for their tender footsies! They sleep, nap, eat and hang out on these soft perchs more than their other types.. I have several sizes in all the cages..both inside and on the outside too All the birds prefer them...the cockatiels, keets, parrotlet. amazon....even the fancy pigeon. The Comfy Perch is especially good for my seniors and babies...and of course for any bird who is ill or injured.