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Coralife - Marine Filter w/ Protein Skimmer - 30 gal

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The first power filter designed specifically for use in a saltwater enviroment! Coralife's marine filter includes a built-in protein skimmer with needle-wheel impeller to remove additional dissolved organics from your tank. Adjustable air flow dial controls the intensity of the skimming bubbles. Convenient hang-on design eliminates the need for large storage compartments around your tank. The power filter also provides efficient 3 stage filtration - biological, chemical and mechanical for keeping your saltwater tank happy and health.
  • Includes 1 Marine filter with protein skimmer
  • 1 LArge Carbon cartridge
  • 1 Phosophae remover specialty filter pad to help combat nuisance algae
  • Designed for smaller saltwater tanks up to 30 gallons
  • Dimensions 8.25 in. x 5 in. x 7.5 in.
  • Total Height with Tube - 13.25 in.
  • Fits over aquarium rim sizes up to 3/4 in.


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Good filter option


Have 2 of these running along with an aquaclear 70 on two 33 Long saltwater reef tanks. Fish and coral doing great and thriving. Definitely a very good alternative for hang on back filter and skimmer. Going to buy an extra.

Not a good choice for a Primary filter


If this is going to be your primary filter on your tank- DON’T! After having up to a 70g corner bow from reef tank for years I downgraded due to back issues. I needed a hang on protein skimmer on a 30g cube tank- not reef ready, and I thought I’d try this as I’ve always had Coralife skimmers. It puts out micro bubbles like crazy- not good for a reef tank. I’ve had the skimmer set up for 2 days now and it still hasn’t actually skimmed anything but it does make a lot of bubbles in the cup. I had to take the carbon filter out that came with it and chose a phosphate pad in its place as keeping bubbles from getting into the tank was getting ridiculous! Not a good choice for primary filter