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Coralife Turbo Twist UV Sterilizer - 3X - 9W

3 Reviews


The Coralife Turbo Twist 3X UV Sterilizer provides continuous ultraviolet sterilization. Revolutionary "turbo-twist" flow design triples dwell time around the lamp, vastly improving efficiency and eliminating single-cell algae that cause algal blooms. It also eradicates most harmful micro-organism on the initial pass through the chamber, decreasing the possibility of a disease outbreak in your aquatic system and ensuring that disease-causing pathogens cannot reproduce. The Turbo-Twist 3X treats up to 125 gallon saltwater or freshwater aquatic systems.

Features a quartz glass sleeve with a 9 watt PL compact fluorescent UV Lamp. Double wall construction ensures long life. UV indicator light assures at a glance that lamp is working.

The Turbo-Twist can be installed vertically outside the aquarium or sump using the included mounting brackets. It can also be installed in a horizontal position by attaching the bracket with screws to a fixed surface.

Power cord: 10 ft. long 

Inlet/Outlet Barbed Fittings:  0.5, 0.625 in.

Requires a water pump or powerhead with a flow rate of 100 to 200 gph.

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Inlet/Outlet0.5, 0.625 in.
Internal Id


Click here to download the Quick Set Up Instructions from Coralife's website.

Ratings & Reviews

3 reviews

Coralife Trubo Twist 3X is the ticket!!!!


Good day Bought this unit for 100 Gal Corner tank. I run a Marineland 360 and 160...I plumbed the 3X sterilizer into the 160 because it maximizes the UV sterilizing capability due to it's flow rate of 160 Gal / hr. This means you get max Algae and germ killing. Please note this unit uses 1/2 and 5/8" tubing if you have bigger tubing and faster flow rate go w/ on of the larger Coralife UV sterilizers. By the unit based on flow. I originally planned to use w/ the 360, but due to size of tubing and flow rate decided to buy a smaller canister specifically for added filtration and UV sterilization. Great sterilizer...As usual another winner from Coralife



It's not a simple plug and play gadget.

Joe G


I have had 2 of these in the past on my tank. They worked fine for a while but eventually failed. This new updated model seems to be better made. Time will tell. You can find less expensive alternatives but after trying 2 and they didn't work I went back to this one when it became available again.