Detritivore Cleaner Pack - Size 2

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"Detritus" is the leftover food and fish waste that can build up on the bottom of the aquarium, in the substrate and in the nooks and crevices of the rockwork. This waste can affect water quality by raising ammonia, nitrite, nitrate, or phosphate, contributing to algae or cyanobacteria blooms as it decomposes.

Our Detritivore Cleaner Packs are designed with animals that burrow through the substrate and in the rockwork to eat or stir up this waste so it can be picked up by the filter. These animals are compatible with and can be kept in addition to those snails and hermit crabs in our regular Algae Cleaner Packs as long as there is enough food and algae to keep them fed. The sizes of our algae packs are general recommendations; you can order a smaller or larger size based on your needs.

The Detritivore Cleaner Pack "Size 2" is recommended for 55- to 75- gallon tanks and contains the following:

  • 4 - Sally Litefoot Crab
  • 20 - Nassarius Snail - Small
  • 24 - Cerith Snail
  • 6 - Nassarius Snail - Large
  • 1 - Florida Sea Cucumber

  • Please note: Packs are only available when purchased in full. The components of these packs cannot be modified or substituted.


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