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Dog Training in Lancaster, PA

K9 Connect

Megan E. Bailey,
Trainer at K9 Connect

Described as "incredibly patient" and "thorough" by her peers, Megan Bailey made her way into the world of behavior modification by training and caring for nationally ranked Arabian sport horses. After five years in the professional equine industry, she started her own canine training company, K9 Connect, where she uses her talent for non-verbal communication to help owners connect with their pets. Megan has always enjoyed the bonds formed between animals and people, despite the language barrier.

An AKC certified evaluator and professional member of the APDT, Megan also specializes in solving canine social disorders such as fear and aggression. She is also an advocate for dryland and urban mushing and continues to encourage the sport in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. Megan believes that progress begins with a kind heart, patient spirit, and determination.


- The following lesson plans are designed for 6 week courses.
- Price per course for 1 dog is $99.
- Advanced payment for each course is required at That Fish Place - That Pet Place retail store.
- Course size is 4 dogs maximum per course.

Puppy Training

For puppies 4-6 months old
• Foundational cues such as Sit, Wait, Come, etc.
• Manners & navigating puppy teething/biting
• Introduction to head halter
• Introduction to grooming
• Socialization

Beginner Training

For Dogs 7+ months
• Review of Foundational cues such as Sit, Wait, Down, Come, etc.
• Basic cues such as Look, Drop It, Leave It & Place
• Beginner loose-leash walking

Intermediate Training

Prerequisite: Beginner Training Course
• Review of Cues
• Intermediate loose-leash skills such as turning & backing
• Building focus & attention to handler

Advanced Training

Prerequisite: Intermediate Training Course
• Refining of cues with added distance
• Advanced loose-leash skills & walking with distractions
• Loose-leash heeling with a flat collar
• Dog & Handler will have the opportunity to take The AKC Canine Good Citizen Test

Private Training

One-On-One Training
• Ideal for dogs who are easily distracted or have socialization/behavorial challenges
• Ideal for focusing on individual needs of the dog & handler