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Fibercore Eco Bedding - Brown - 1.5 lb

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Fibercore Eco-Bedding is the perfect bedding for your needs. This bedding is highly absorbent and dust free, Eco-Bedding is the perfect environmentally friendly bedding material for your small animals and birds.
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Great Bedding


I've been using this for years now as a bedding on top of a coconut coir base layer for my rats. It expands because each strip of a tight zipzag pattern relaxes and stretches over time. With rats you're supposed to freeze any paper-based product for 48 hours first to kill possible mites. This product has the advantage over the compressed paper products like Care Fresh in that the cold in the freezer really penetrates it. With the other compressed paper bedding, it never feels cold right out of the freezer and my rats have gotten mites before from it. Not with this one. Never had a problem and my guys love rearranging it.