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Eshopps PSK-100H Hang On Back Protein Skimmer - Up to 100 gal.

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Eshopps' PSK-100H protein skimmer combines a high performance Sicce SE-200 needle wheel pump with the simplicity of a hang-on model. Features a removable collection cup for easy removal of waste and a bubble plate to concentrate and direct the flow of air bubbles for increased performance. Adjustable knob allows for easy fine tuning of water level to meet the needs of your ecosystem. Durable acrylic construction designed to last.

Great for saltwater and reef aquariums up to 100 gallons, the skimmer measures 7 in. x 7 in. x 23 in.

For more information, please read What is a Protein Skimmer? from our article archive.
Length7 in.
In SumpNo
Cone NeckNo
Bubble PlateYes
Width7 in.
Height23 in.
Max Flow357 gph
Max Tank Size100 gal.
Warranty1 year on skimmer body, 180 days on pump/impeller
PumpSicce SE-200

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5 stars great skimmer


excellent skimmer, well built, professional grade

Very happy


I had a cheap old skimmer fall apart on me. So I ordered a reef octopus lx2000s from my LFS after reading a ton of reviews. Sadly I never could make it work correctly. It would overflow constantly. The design of the collector was such that it would always drip a little when not over flowing. I returned it and went a couple weeks with no skimmer at all. So I took a trip to that fish place in lancaster and chose this one more or less on a whim to see if it would work. I could not be more happy. On my 75 gallon this skimmer pulls a huge amount of super dark nasty skimmate. I have been emptying the cup every 2 days though it could probably go 3 before being full. Adjusting this skimmer was very easy. Having the overflow tube on it adds to some much needed piece of mind after all my troubles with the SRO.

<br>Buy this skimmer, you will not regret it.

Good skimmer for the cost.


I've only had this skimmer for a couple weeks. It took much longer than the advertised 72 hour adjustment period to become stable, but now that it is, it's doing pretty well. The water level adjuster is ok, but hairline moves affect the water level more than desired. So much so that it has overflowed on a couple of occasions. Luckily, there is an overflow tube you can route back into your sump to avoid a catastrophe! Not sure if it was a defect on mine, but at the end of the overflow tube was a plastic stopper that had no obvious way to allow water through it. I simply cut mine off.


<br>Although this is a compact skimmer, I have a very small space this had to fit in. It was a little awkward getting it into the bottom of the tank stand to fit on my sump, but I eventually got it there.


<br>Note that the intake/out are not reversable. From the pictures it appears you could just turn them the other direction to have the pump on the other side. This is not possible. You can turn the intake, but not the out.

Psk 100


This is a great skimmer. It'll pull gunk out of the water really fast, it's black, green, gross stuff. No micro bubbles or anything after broken in witch does not take long.

<br>Pros: great skimmer for money, works excellent, doesn't take up much room in tank, really quiet, just a great skimmer


<br>Cons: when breaking in it'll have water in cup nothing much, and you have to use a certain water conditioner (prime(by seachem)), normally no break in period but can happen


<br>Overall great skimmer works excellent easy adjusting



I purchased this skimmer because it was on sale after watching a couple YouTube videos of others using it. I am impressed, it's the best skimmer I've ever used. It said it takes 72 hours to start skimming but I had great results in only 24 hours. It can be adjusted very easily. I was worried at first cause it was putting micro bubbles in my tank the first night after installing but it quit by the next morning. I love it!!!