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Fascination Favites Frag - Favites sp.

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Moon Corals get their name because of its spherical cratered skeleton. On Favites sp., individual polyps share walls with neighboring polyps. Also known as Moon corals, Favia sp. corals have a similar structure except that walls between individual polyps are not shared.

Most moon corals are green, some brightly fluorescent, and can either form spherical "moons" or be encrusting. Lighting is important and should be between 3-5 watts per gallon and the coral should generally be placed mid to the upper level in the aquarium.

They will compete with other corals for space so be sure to leave a few inches between each coral to allow them room to grow. Be sure to keep the calcium level up so the skeletal structure of the coral will remain strong and healthy.
Common NameFascination Favites Frag
Scientific NameFavites sp.
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