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API Filstar XP L Canister Filter - Up to 175 gal.

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The API FilStar XP L canister filter is an extremely powerful aquarium filter for freshwater or marine aquariums. The FilStar XP L provides complete filtration on tanks up to 175 gallons using no-bypass construction and a flow rate of up to 350 gph. The XP L filter is easy to set up, maintain and clean.

FilStar XP filters feature an easy-to-operate anti-airlock system to allow self-priming, uninterrupted operation. The API FilStar Canister filters also feature flow control, an adjustable inlet, and a single lever control quick disconnect for easy maintenance. The FilStar XP L has a Three multi-use media baskets for biological and chemical filtration media, and has a handle to make media changes quick and easy. This multi-stage filter has bypass-free circulation which guarantees that all water flows through the filter media and not around it, ensuring a cleaner aquarium. The FilStar filter system also has a unique sediment collection chamber for removal of wastes. The chamber improves filter efficiency and reduces clogging.

The filter's large rubber base suppresses vibration and noise, providing quiet operation.

FilStar XP L includes 30 ppi fine foam insert, 20 ppi coarse foam insert,  5 Bio-Chem Stars, 1 Bio-Chem Zorb pouch, and 1 micro filtration pad to get you started. 

Here is a complete Manufacturer's installation guide

Includes MediaIncludes Micro Filtration Pad, 20 ppi and 30 ppi Foams, Bio Chem Zorb and 5 Bio Stars.
Flow Rate350 gph
Power Cord Length6 ft.
Warranty2 Year Limited Manufacturer Warranty
UL ListedYes
Max Tank Size175 gal.
Length9.5 in.
Width8.5 in.
Height17 in.

Battle tank of canister filters


I started using this filter in 2006 when I bought a used 100 gallon tank. This filter came with the set up and was approximately 3 years old at the time, which makes it over 13 years old. Never had any problem with the filter until recently and it is actually worn out. The parts are getting brittle and that can't be helped. I'm getting ready to order a brand new one because of the reliability and ease of use of this filter. Outstanding product that just keeps on keeping on.



I Have 3 of the XP L filters in a 220 gal tank, they are running none stop now for 7 years !

Highly Recommend XP3 for 75 gal


I've had the XP3 (L) for about 6 months now and have not had one problem with it. Easy to assemble and works like a dream. Can't even hear it running in the cabinet - have had to check the surface of the water to make sure it's working! The only time it was making noise/air bubbles is when the intake was too close to the air stone and the air bubbles got sucked up - my fault. I just wish it came with more media...I had to buy extra filter pads (coarse, fine and polishing), biochem stars, ceramic rings, and carbon pack. But once I built my custom filtration how I wanted, my water is beautifully clear and my fish are happy and healthy! Incredibly easy to maintain as well, the self-priming feature and disconnect switch are tremendously convenient and make disconnecting and reconnecting as simple as flipping one switch.

Long lasting and quiet


I have had mine for 8 years and she is still running great! The internal pump was getting a little light on the flow so I added a submersible pump to it and she runs like a champ again! :) I am setting up my 5th tank now (70 gal.) and will be using the filstar on it as well. Great filter and long lasting with little to no maintenance.

Great filter


It's a great filter. Very quiet, very efficient job of cleaning the tank. It has a lot of different options, that will help you maintain a crystal clear environment for your fish. That plet place has been very great about helping me on warranty work. The manufacturer was no help, and when a return had to be made, said it would take 3-4 weeks. That pet place kicked in and covered the warranty.

great filter


I have had 6 of these running 4 large tanks. The only problem that I have ever had was when the motor gasket was twisted and it leaked and sucked air. I love these filters and will continue to use them unless they quit making them. I have used these for about ten years. They have improved them so much that I can't here them at all. For the person that thinks they suck maybe you need to check your filter to see if it is all together right

Api filstar xp l


For the price the filter is good .

<br>Flimsy connections should come with right amount of media to support the size of the tank it's rated for.

API Filstar XP Canister Filter


Good filter - with one serious design flaw.

<br>This filter can leak with little or no warning where the power cord enters the pump housing!

Love it!!


This Filter took a 75 gal tank that wee fought PH issues for over a year and stabilize it over night and kept it that way for over a week. We had 2 filters that hung over the back of the tank.

Like it so far


I was nervous after reading such mixed reviews. But it was easy to assemble. The vegetable oil suggestion I read was very helpful to get those hoses on. I bought Marinepure bio balls to put in it. It started right up with priming. Runs pretty quiet. No leaks yet. I wish it still came with the spraybar, but I have no complaints. It's 100 times better than the tetra tec hang on filter I had 10 years ago!

Filstar XP L


Someone says it makes noise? What noise, because, I can't hear a thing. I already have three, 1 in my 75 gal tank, 2 in my 125 gal tank. and I am buying another one to add to my tank. If you catch it on sale it grab it. I love them. Now I'll have 4.

Fantastic filter.


Easy to put together. So quiet I had to check to make sure was working. I ordered the XP3. It would have been nice if the kit came with enough filter material to fill the canister.

XP3 or large model


I love this filter.. It's quiet , efficient and easy to prime.. I have two separate tanks (75gal & 60gal) and this filter puts up with the abuse from my hungry cichlids... Plus when it's on sale , it's an absolute steal..!!

Works Great!


I've had mine for 3 years, I only replaced the previous one after 4 years as the impeller is a little pricey, so I figured I'd just replace the whole unit. It's quiet, powerful, and reliable. Never missed a beat. It's definitely not noisy! High quality!!!!

filstar L


I like this filter, I switched from the API nexx filter which is a bad filter that will leak, and so far the filstar is great. But I can see where it can be a little messy when doing a filter change, but I like it. It not as noisy as some say, the air bubble noise stop after a couple hours, and for the price, it's worth it considering how many gallons it's rated for.






I have this filter for around 3 years now and I must say it works great. My water is crystal clear. It doesnt make noise as the other reviewer states. Its actually real quiet. Its easy to prime and clean.

Filstar XP3


I installed thsi filter and cannot believe how quiet it is. I cannot even tell it is running at all when all noise is quiet in my house. I have to look in the tank to see that there are bubbles.

3X Filstar


I've had mine on a Reef setting for the last 6 years. Never have I had any problems with it. Runs extremely quiet, great power through out it's life. Easy to clean, simple set-up. I love it. It's a upflow canister, great mechanical and Bio filtration. I use ceramic rocks for the bacteria control, and ChemiPure Marine workes the best with this unit.



Sucks makes a lot of noise air all the time