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Finnex 24/7 Planted + ALC Fixture - 30 inch

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24/7 mode: fully customizable LED sunrise and sunset
Plant-capable grow LED bulb configuration
True 660nm deep red LEDs
Remove included + built-in sensor

28 WRGB LED Clusters


The Finnext Planted+ 24/7 ALC LED Fixture offers users what they've been calling for - color and intensity control, high intensity, and true 660nm plant-loving LEDs. Using the Planted+ 24/7 ALC series allows users to save various color combinations in multiple intensities througout the 24/7 program. Set it once, and watch the fixture go through your custom daily sunrise to sunset - All hands free. Venturing out from the fixture's 24/7 mode: also featured are four separate memory slots allowing users to save and access their custom colors and intensities on command. Accessible via the IR-controlled remote are four different weather modes: Cloudy, Thunderstorm, Sunset & Starry Moon Night. Equiped with 2 rows of intensive daylight and true 660nm RED LEDs, centered are a blend of dual red, green, and blue LEDs. The Planted+ 24/7 ALC is equipped with a dynamic remote. The remote allows users to enter in and out of 24/7 mode, along with customizing various color combinations and commencing the 4 featured weather modes with the click of a button. To easily determine one's position while dialing in one's custom settings, the Planted+ 24/7 ALC also features a built-in sensor that has 2 diffent color indicator LEDs to clear and confusion.

High performance LEDs: The 24/7 fixtures use the latest LED technology from leading manufacturers. The 120 degree optic angle provides even color blending and coverage. High Color Rending Index (CRI) LEDs create optimum PAR for freshwater and reef aquariums.

Remove Control - The 24/7 fixtures come with an infrared remove control for complete command of programming, memory slots, and weather modes. You don't have to leave your chair to make an adjustment. AAA batteries are included

Certified & Graded Power Supply - Finnex 24/7 lighting fixtures use Intertek certified power supplies. This means the electrical handling component meets all regulations and performance requirements. Low-quality power supplies can cause Electical Over Stress (EOS). EOS greatly reduces the lifespan of LEDs within a fixture. Finnex now manufactures and utilizes only certified power supplies in al our fixtures.

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