Fluval 307 External Canister Filter - 40 to 70 gal.

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Manufacturer: Fluval
MPN: A446

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The All-New 07 Series marks the 7th incarnation in nearly 4 decades of Fluval’s top selling canister filter family worldwide. Not only does the latest generation incorporate the power and reliability you’ve come to expect from the leader in aquatic filtration, but it also features several new performance upgrades that make it up to 25% quieter and more robust, energy-efficient, flexible and easier to use than ever before.

Italian Precision-crafted pump and rubber feet stablizers make the new 07 series quieter than previous Fluval Canister models.

Big on power, low on energy consumption. The 307 uses 16W of power for a cost of about $28.03 to operate. This puts it ahead of the class in aquarium canister filters.
Fast maintenance options include - Aquastop Valve for easy shut down and media changes, lift-lock motor head clamps feature a new fiber-reinforced material for durability, New center-handle on the EZ-lift media baskets allow the media stack to be removed simultaneously for quick access. No need to remove water to remove baskets to save mess, and finally a quick primer system provides fast and efficient start-ups after media change.
Fluval is the only brand to offer a vertical pre-filter orientation which provides more surface area and better mechanical filtration. It also maximizes canister-space-usage for complete efficiency


Great for aquariums up to 70 gallons.
303 GPH
3.1L basket volume
4.5L Chamber volume
1.75m max pump height
9.5 in. x 7 in. x 16.5 in.
Includes 2 Bio-Foam Max, 2 Bio Foam, 2 Bio-Foam+, 2 Carbon, 2 Bio-Max, 2 Quick Clear


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Really glad I bought this


While the manual can be tedious to read, even if you use a YouTube video to set it up, it's good to go over it to make sure you're not missing any details. For example, the YouTube video I looked at didn't mention that the base of the filter can be no more than 4.5 feet from the top of the aquarium.

Overall, it wasn't difficult to set up, once I knew what I was doing (my first canister filter). It's much quieter than the Fluval side filter that I replaced. I put the incoming water hose below the waterline, and my tetras love playing in the jet stream. I believe the side filter, while effective, contributed to evaporation and some mineral buildup along the edges where it hung. As the hoses are both underwater and the canister is sealed I've notice it takes much longer for the waterline to drop because of evaporation. There is also no mineral buildup. Very happy with it; wished I bought one years ago.