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Gigas Clam - Tridacna gigas - Captive Bred

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Clams are wonderful additions to any reef aquaria but do have some requirements that make them more difficult than other inverts to keep. Some research is recommended before purchasing one to find out what species will work the best in your reef aquarium.

Gigas Clams require strong lighting and ideal water quality and should be placed under high direct light (Metal Halide, VHO, or Power Compact). Smaller clams rely heavily on planktonic foods filtered from the water for their nutrition. They should be fed regularly with various types of planktonic foods like phytoplankton, zooplankton, oyster eggs, rotifers and similar items. Avoid keeping with potential predators or tankmates that may nip at the clam's mantle like some wrasses, angelfish, crabs, and others.

For more information on these and other clams, visit the Giant Clams Species Profile on That Fish Blog by our staff marine biologists.

The clam pictured above is representative only - the coloration of the clam you receive may vary. Please contact the Livestock department for information on availability of specific colorations.
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Common NameGigas Clam - CB
Scientific NameTridacna gigas
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