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GloFish Blue LED Bubbler

3 Reviews


GloFish Bubbler features 6 blue LED surrounding an integrated airstone. Produces vital aeration as well as Glo enhancing blue light to accentuate the natural fluorescence of GloFish. Requires air pump to operate, not included.

For more information on aquarium aeration, please see our article on Air Pumps


Power Cord Length6 ft.
ColorBlack with Blue LEDs
Height0.75 in.
Diameter3.25 in.
Internal Id

Ratings & Reviews

3 reviews

Great product for the price.


Produce lights up real nice.. Bubbler works good as well. I would recomend two for a 55 or larger. The only thing I would fix would be the power cord. In a 90 gallon tank it just makes it up and over and hangs just below the tank in the cabinet.

Awesome Product


I have this in my 10 gallon GloFish tank and absolutely love it. It produces just the right amount of bubbles and the LED lights give a boost to the one already in my tank. My fish are really fascinated with it as well. Some may find it a little too strong but I personally like the effect it gives. I can't think of any other cons. Great product, great price, thanks That Fish Place.



how do u put it in the tank with a cord attached to it that is not a safety thing?
<br>TFPTPP - The bubbler is sealed and should pose no problem though submerged. Many aquarium items - pumps particularly - have this.