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Gravel Cleaner with Nozzle - 24 in.

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The self-start siphon feature makes aquarium maintenance a whole lot easier. It is designed to separate and remove debris from the aquarium during routine water changes. Ideal for taller and hexagon aquariums.

Comes complete with a self-start cap assembly, a wide mouth nozzle and a hose.

Size: Nozzle is 24 in. x 2 in., hose is 96 in. long., tubing is 5/8 in. inside diameter.


Lee's Aquarium & Pet
Length120 in.
Diameter2 in.
Internal Id

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4 reviews

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Hose size?


What's the hose inner diameter? Please add to the description. If it's 5/8" I'm buying! If its the newer smaller diameter, no thanks :(



I didn't measure the hose diameter. The gravel vacuum works great as is. It gives me plenty of reach for my 150 aqarium and doesn't suck up gravel.
<br>To those worried about hose diameters my question is why? It doesn't suck up gravel and it siphons water what else is there. Not much to say about a gravel cleaner.

The big cleaner!


Great for larger aquariums has plenty of reach and suction.

works great


i bought one of these around 10 years ago and its worked great the whole time, easily self starts the suction, has great suction and wide base for quick work, pulls the gravel up enough to suck out the contaminants but gravel doesnt go all the way up, just the junk. long tube is great for my tall tanks and keeping my hands dry. im buying another as i stepped on the tube and sorta broke it, still mostly does its job but not like it used to. wont hesitate to buy this again.