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Get rid of pesky parasites that can harm your fish with Ich-X, a strong and effective medication with noticeable effects.
Treatment ForPARASITE
Invert SafeNo
Treats up to960 GALLONS
Internal Id
Water, formaldehyde (<5%), methanol (<2%), malachite green chloride (<0.1%).
To treat "ich" disease (ichthyophthiriasis) of freshwater fishes and "marine ich" disease (cryptocaryonaisis) of marine fishes, add one (1) teaspoon (~5 mL) of Ich-X to 10 gallons of aquarium water. For Best Results: (1) always treat in a separate quarantine/treatment tank, (2) remove activated carbon from filters and clean or replace mechanical filtration media (do not stop filtration!) (3) make at least 1/3 water change before each addition of Ich-X (use Ultimate to condition new water (4) repeat treatments at least every 24 hours, but no more often than every 8 hours, depending upon the course of the disease (refer to the Ich-X Product Data Sheet. DO NOT OVERDOSE.

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