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Julian Sprungs Sea Veggies Clip

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Treat your fish to an instant salad bar with the Sea Veggies Clip This little clip securely holds Sea Veggies, lettuce, or cucumber treats for your tangs, plecos, goldfish and other veggie-lovers The large suction cup provides easy access for your fish, and makes sure the veggies stay where you put them.
Two Little Fishies
Length2.5 in.
Width1.5 in.
Height1 in.
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Ratings & Reviews

4 reviews

Great Clips!


I have several of these clips to use for veggies, but also to secure other items to the wall of the aquarium. Large floating plants can be clipped to the wall to keep them wherever you want them to be. These things are handy for all sorts of uses in the aquarium - and for spinach too!



Can't open enough to put much in it. The suction cup comes off and yes it breaks trying to put lettuce in it.

Sea Veggies Clip


Don't waste your money. It broke the first time I tried to use it.

Sea Veggies Clip


Didn't work - broke the first time I opened it to insert seaweed