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API KH Carbonate Hardness Test Kit - Freshwater & Saltwater

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Carbonate Hardness is a big factor in the pH of your tank. Certain fish cannot handle hard water, while for others a certain level of dissolved minerals is necessary. Test your water for Carbonate hardness so you can insure your fish have the proper KH for their health and well-being. For fresh and saltwater.


Indicator MethodTitration
Internal Id


Add reagent drops to water sample and compare to included color chart.

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Great For Testing Tap And Well Water


Works great for testing carbonate hardness which plants and fish need. My water source tends to fluctuate seasonally. I test the town's tapwater water that I use to do water changes and add aquraium salt as needed to get the right perameters... I was bent that the last test kit I ordered came without the color chart. When I phoned and asked them to send me one they said they would, but never did. They need to tape seal the boxes so the charts don't fall out or get stolen.