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Loiselle's Cichlid - Parachromis loisellei - Juvenile

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Though more "peaceful" in comparison to other <I>Parachromis</I> cichlids. the Loiselle's Cichlid (<I>P. loisellei</I>) is still a very aggressive predator that is best kept in a species-only aquarium. Mature adults develop a yellowish base color with black speckles and a broken black lateral line. </B>


These cichlids grow up to a foot in length and need a large aquarium with lots of room to swim, territorial space and ample filtration. They are best kept alone and may attack tankmates. These fish are primarily carnivores and should be fed a varied, meaty diet of fresh, frozen and prepared foods. Some may eat some vegetation and plant matter but this should be as a supplement only.
Common NameLoiselle`s Cichlid - Juvenile
Scientific NameParachromis loisellei
Community SafeNo
pH Range7.0-8.0
Max Size (in inches)12
Min Tank Size (in gallons)90
OriginCentral America
Temperature Range75-82

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loisellei cichlids


Very nice fish! Not shy and doesn't hide at all! Just ordered 4 of these guys Ans arrived in excellent condition!