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LVAC Liquid Gravel Vac - Marine - 16 oz.

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Liquid Gravel Vac utilizes the natural sciences of aquatic environmental chemistry to formulate this powerful, one-of-a-kind product. One of the key components is billions of Mother Nature's own "housekeepers": aerobic heterotrophic bacteria. These little overachievers provide all-natural stress free removal of detrimental saltwater aquarium pollutants such as uneaten fish food and fish waste through healthy bio remediation. No more accidental bruising or breaking your fragile marine life such as corals, anemones or starfish with the siphon tube. Helps to prevent accidental suffocation of your biological filter by eliminating oxygen consuming, dead and dying organic matter. This product is 100% chemical free. Effectively cleans: saltwater aquarium gravel, substrate, filtration systems, lift tubes, hoses, ornaments, plastic plants, protein skimmers and other aquarium filtration accessories.


Tropical Science
Dimensions16 OZ.
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Contains aerobic heterotrophic bacteria.


Directions For Use: First shake well - add one teaspoon (5ml) per 20 gallons of water to be treated. Sludge layers should begin to dissipate within 24-hours. If water is excessively dirty, do a 30 to 40% water change and add one teaspoon above suggested dosage every other day until water begins to clear and sludge layers begin to dissolve. Depending upon pollution and bio-load we recommend traditional vacuuming be performed once or twice a year.

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