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Marina Betta Kit - Floral Décor

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Awesome fun betta kits look great in a kids room or any décor. Simple 7 in. aquarium looks great on any counter, desk or mounted to a wall. 1/2 gallon aquarium kit includes plastic aquarium and frame, colorful gravel, themed background, Nutrafin Max Betta Food and Nutrafin Betta Plus Conditioner.
Length5.25 in.
Width5.75 in.
Height5.75 in.
Capacity0.5 gal.
Warranty1 year
Internal Id
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Fish are not accessories or decorations.
<br>These tanks hardly give any room for them to live a healthy life.
<br>Do not buy if you care for your fish.

Do right by your betta


This kit is designed to please the human owner and not accommodate a betta properly. Buy a 5 gallon tank and use your imagination as an interior designer with aquatic safe silk plants, gravel and hidey-hole logs and ornaments. I guarantee your betta will love it and you will have more fun creatively than buying this.



I would recommend this tank for a female Betta and not a male because the females are much smaller this tank is too small for a male but just the right size for a female

Too Small


While I do admire the aesthetics of this fancy plastic cup, it is far too small for a betta to live a comfortable, healthy life. They are a tropical fish and require water temperatures of 76-80°F, and you cannot safely heat a water volume so small. The temperature has the potential to fluctuate far too much. Even if you live in a warm climate that would keep the water at the desired temperature, the tank is just plain too small for a betta.
<br>Give your fish some room to swim and you'll find they have very bright personalities and will enjoy every bit of space you provide. A five gallon all to themselves will do the trick, ten gallons is even better. You will also have more room to decorate ;)