Marine pH & Alkalinity Test Kit - Up to 75 Tests Each

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MultiTest: Marine pH. & Alkalinity features a unique dye that has a pronounced color change between 8.0 and 8.3, making it the easiest kit on the market to read in that critical range. Alkalinity may be read from the same sample in 0.5 meq/L increments
75 pH tests, 75 alkalinity tests.


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pH test:
1. Fill sample pipette to base of bulb and dispense to a test cavity of the test plate.
2. Add one drop of Marine pH Reagent and stir briefly.
3. Read pH from chart.

Alkalinity test:
1. Fill sample pipette to base of bulb and dispense to a test cavity of the test plate.
2. Hold the alkalinity pipette vertically and add 1 drop of Alkalinity Reagent. Stir briefly. Continue adding drops (count the drops) and stirring until color turns from blue to yellow. Just before going to yellow, a lime green color will appear. The final drop is usually one drop beyond this point.
3. Each drop is equal to 0.5 meq/L. The number of drops to get to yellow divided by 2 is the total alkalinity.

Reference test: The proper performance of this kit may be validated by running a test in the normal manner except that a reference sample is used in place of aquarium sample. It is not necessary to run a reference test to use this kit. The only time you might choose to run a reference test is if you have cause to believe the test is giving incorrect results. If you run a test using the reference sample and obtain the correct result (based on the known reference value provided) then you know the test is giving correct results. Use the pH Reference to check the pH test (pH reference = 8.3). Reference sample is a Tris buffer designed for use with this kit and may read incorrectly with a pH meter or damage some pH electrodes. It is subject to change by absorbing carbon dioxide from the air. Keep tightly closed. Use the Alkalinity Reference to check the alkalinity test (alkalinity reference = 4.0 meq/L).It too is subject to change by absorbing carbon dioxide from the air. Keep tightly closed. Rinse sample pipette with tap, DI, or RO water before and after use.

Hints: Promptly dispose of completed test solutions by rinsing test cavity under running water. If the test plate becomes stained, soak or clean with a dilute bleach cleaner, then rinse well.

Interpretation: This kit utilizes a unique narrow range and high contrast pH indicator. It is suitable for marine or brackish water only. Marine pH should be 8.2—8.4. Tanks dosed with limewater may go as high as 8.6. Natural sea water has a total alkalinity of 2—3 meq/L, but aquarium water should have a total alkalinity of 4—6 meq/L. This kit measures total alkalinity. Total alkalinity is a measure of the carbonate (CO32—), bicarbonate (HCO3—), borate (B(OH)4—) and hydroxide (OH—) content of the water, expressed as the acid neutralizing capacity of the water in meq/L (milliequivalents/Liter). The expression of alkalinity as meq/L is chemically sound and the most useful and intelligent way to express this property of the water to resist change in pH. The use of other expressions, such as KH, dH, mg CaCO3/L, grain CaCO3/gal, etc., is confusing and offers no advantage over the chemically accepted standard expression of meq/L. The use of expressions other than meq/L should be discouraged. For reference purpose only, 1 meq/L corresponds to 2.8 °KH.

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