Marineland C-530 Canister Filter - Up to 150 gal.

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Manufacturer: Marineland

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The Marineland C-530 canister filter is the ideal choice for aquariums up to 150 gallons. Engineered for virtually no bypass, and three stage filtration, the design of the Marineland C-530 canister filter creates sparkling clean water in your aquarium. Mechanical, biological and chemical filtration are accomplished through easy-access stack n' flow filter trays and Marineland's Rite-Size X filter media. Other Features include a valve block for quick shut down and spill-free maintenance, a quick prime button for easy no-mess startup, a complete package of filter-specific media, and all required tubing and connectors are included for complete setup.

For more information watch this interactive Marineland C-Series Canister Video



Includes MediaIncludes Foam Filter Pads, Black Diamond Carbon, Bio Filter Balls.
Flow Rate530 gph
Power Cord Length6 ft.
Warranty3 Year Limited Manufacturer Warranty
UL ListedYes
Max Tank Size150 gal.
Length14 in.
Width14 in.
Height22 in.
Inlet/Outlet1 in.
Internal Id

Ratings & Reviews

8 reviews

A big disappointment


This filter drove me crazy. I used a Filstar for years, but then I upgraded to this one because my tank was larger. Everything about it seemed cheap, and it quickly justified that opinion. The seals in the bottom actually started leaking for me - so I had to get rid of it. I always had problems on restarts too - always seemed to have air in the system so it made lots of noise. The clips broke off with very little effort. This was not what I expected and it was not what I experienced with the Filstar.



I've had this filter running for about 8 months now. I haven't ran into any issues with mine at all. Great job Marineland.



I have one that ran for a while then motor stopped I call company and they sent me a new one but not even 6 months later I shut it down for cleaning and when I replaced the motor head guess what The motor refused to start on this one good thing I had adifferent tank filter here from a diff. company for a back up.

Won't buy again


It is difficult to get water flow going. Had this filter for two years now, the pump button sticks and now leaks. It is noisy sometimes.

The best Filter


I have had this filter running on my tank for 5 years. I have had zero problems with it. It is by far the most silent filter of any type I have ever used. I had a few questions when I first bought it and the MArineland customer service was the best and actually did a follup email several weeks later to make sure all was OK.
The best filter I've ever had.

trouble getting it started again


like the flow of water but what good is it when the primer to get water to the pump is stuck took apart still won't prime anyone have this trouble don't want to throw away but what good is it very frustrated

great filter


Works well...a little TOO well. Once it was established, it does a great job. Priming is a little tricky, so what I did was install the canister top then fill it with tank water before installing the valve block. That way you don't need to use the primer. Once filled, insert and lock down the valve block and power it on. Just run for 10 seconds and power off for 5, then on and off again until all the air is evacuated. It IS on the noisy side, but once inside a cabinet, it's fine. ONLY suggestion I'd make is to get a spraybar for it. Output is a bit...enthusiastic.



I purchase this filter about a year ago and it filters the water really well.
I did however replace this filter after about 1 year of use because of the difficulty to clean.
This filter takes forever to clean and the pump section is VERY difficult to remove. I had to use large screw drivers and pry bars every time I cleaned this filter. It takes forever to clean this filter and has caused there to be chipping in the canister area because of the use of screwdriver/pry bar to pry the pump section off the canister to get it open.
I DO NOT RECCOMEND THIS FILTER BECAUSE OF THE DIFFICULTY TO CLEAN IT. I changed to an Owase which is soooo easy to clean and I am also now using a PenPlax. These filters are soooo much easier to work with and clean. Save yourself a lot of frustration and look in to other filters. There are much better filters available for around the same price.