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Marineland Freshwater Bio Spira - 100 ml

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Marineland Bio Spira kick starts your freshwater aquarium and eliminates cloudy water associated with New Tank Syndrome! Marineland's advanced formula of nitrifying bacteria helps instantly remove harmful ammonia and nitrite and allows you to add fish and get your aquarium going right away! Cleaner bacteria is also added to help reduce sludge, break down waste and keep your gravel and water cleaner than ever! Also works great as a monthly maintenance doser.

Freshwater Bio-Spira is packaged in a specialized breathable pouch, which helps protect live bacteria and provides gas exchange for maximum performance. One package can treat 100 gallons of water and will fully cycle a 15 gallon aquarium.

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Shake well!

For new aquariums: Add entire pouch to cycle up to 15 gallons with about 10 fish under 1 inch.

For monthly maintenance: add two teaspoons (10ml) per 10 gallons to replenish and boost beneficial bacteria.

Ideal for use when adding new fish, filter maintenance and monthly water changes.

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