Marineland Magnum Polishing Internal Filter

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Manufacturer: Marineland
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Marineland's Magnum Polishing Internal Canister Filter combines their standard quality filtration with a water polishing cartridge to give you the cleanest and clearest water yet! The compact design fits easily in any aquatic environment and doesn't take away from the natural beauty of your aquarium!

The filtration includes a mechanical Rite Size JH Floss Sleeve to remove fish waste and uneaten food and Black Diamond Carbon to provide chemical filtration that removes odors and discoloration. The design also includes a large surface area for the growth of beneficial biological bacteria that helps to break down harmful ammonia and nitrites. The filter comes with a Micron Cartridge that helps remove fine particles that cause cloudy water! It also helps remove unicellular algae that causes green water!

The Magnum Polishing Canister runs up to 290 gallons per hour and it rated for aquariums to 97 gallons.

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Where is the Hot Magnum 50


I have used the Hot MAGNUM 50 polishing filters for years. They do an excellent job but mine are getting old and need replacing. But big problem they quit making them and replaced them with this Internal magnum polishing filer WHAT were they THINKING???????
<br>Who in their right mind wants to put a big polishing filter INSIDE their aquarium? We want that space for our fish!!! Please bring back the tried and proven polishing filter Hot Magnum 50 that works great and hangs on the BACK of the aquarium and leaves the inside space for the fish. Am I the only one bothered by this?

I really like this thing


Excellent all in one piece of equipment for multiple uses. You can customize it with media on multiple levels, or use the polishing filter that it comes with (which is reusable). It also creates an excellent amount of flow and has a good directional control. It does what I need it to and I’m going to keep using it as my primary filter because it’s the same footprint space as a sponge filter and it does a lot more