Marineland Perfecto Glass Canopy - 36 in. x 13 in.

SKU: 211919
Manufacturer: Marineland
MPN: 469025

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Perfecto Canopies are the economical, yet stylish way to top off your aquarium. With a polypropylene hinge for easy access to your tank, as well as a plastic back strip that can be cut for heaters, filters, etc., these canopies provide protection for your fish while allowing you to customize your lighting setup. Long-lasting performance, made to fit all Perfecto Aquariums. Designed for use with 30 gallon and 40H Perfecto aquariums.

Not guaranteed to fit other brands of aquariums


Compatible ModelsPerfecto Aquariums
Warranty90 days
Length35.125 in.
Max Tank Size40 gal.
Width11.375 in.
Internal Id

Ratings & Reviews

3 reviews

Perfecto glass canopy 36x12


Bought for my 38 gallon. It arrived quickly, but was 1/8 " too wide and would not fit. Specifications listed correct dimensions but the glass was not cut to that. Had to take it to a glass shop to be cut as there were no more in stock here.

Plastic back section doesn't fit on glass.


I bought one today in-store and I'm very disappointed. There were no instructions for attaching the plastic back panel. I first tried snapping it on, but soon found this to be impossible. I then tried sliding it on from the end, however it was so tight that the glass pane shaved off slivers of plastic and soon ground to a halt. After 45 minutes of trying unsuccessfully to force it, I gave up. I'm now using the lid without the back panel, which means there's a two inch gap in the back for the entire length of the tank where fish can potentially jump out.

Serviceable cover


First: the canopy arrived in perfect condition because of the excellent packing job. I'm always a bit concerned about mail ordering things made of glass.
I could not find a canopy that would come close to fitting locally, so I ordered this one knowing that they only guarantee it will fit a Perfecto aquarium, which mine is not. Also another reviewer talk about having to have his cut down by 1/4". Mine is just about 1/8" too long, but as I said I knew what I was getting into, hence the 4 stars. Some day I may get the 1/8" shaved off, but it's only noticeable if you're up close, and it does the job I needed it to do.